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BOOKED  SOLID  / Pearland  man  set  to  open  library  in  Africa

  On  any  Saturday, college  professor  Michael  Fonge  of  Pearland  can  be  spotted  sifting  through  stacks  of   books  and  magazines  at  garage  sales, thrift  stores  and  clearance  sales. read more 

Prof. Michael Fonge, a Cameroonian-born Scholar take Libriary back home to Buea

Prof. Michael Fonge of the University of Houston, USA has told parents not to abandon the education of their children to teachers. "Let the parents not just leave the education to the teachers. They are part of it. When a child knows that the parents are supporting, then learning takes place,read more

Pearland man praised for opening library in Cameroon

It takes a visit inside to see why Pearland resident Michael Fonge is so proud of a nondescript yellow building in Buea, a city in the West African nation of Cameroon.

read more

Houstonian writes of African proverbial wisdom

Many African scholars have concentrated on not only tracing their roots but identifying with them. This is what Michael Fotoh Fonge has set out to do with his book of African more

Book events

CORRECTION: Wole Soyinka's talk at Rice Universitywill be Tuesday, Sept. 22, not Wednesday. Correction published9/22/98. Author appearances: Children's authors Sarah Stewart and David Small will sign copies of The Gardener 23 p.m. today at Jeremy's Books and Toys, 567 W. Bay Area Blvd. in more