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The Libriary


The Buea Metropolitan Library and Books 'N Things is a private structure erected by Dr. Mike Fotoh Fonge, a professor of Sociology at Houston Community College in Texas and the University of Houston. The library's patrons include preschoolers, pastors, elementary students and physicians.

The library currently holds over 100,000 books, the bookstores (three in number) hold about 90,000 books per month, and the warehouses still contain about 150,000 books.

Bearing in mind that the literacy level in Cameroon is still low, and that the books required by students in the universities usually cost way beyond the financial reach of the average Cameroonian, Books 'N Things – Buea metropolitan Library represents the ultimate solution. It primarily provides rare¬to-find books at the most convenient prices. It equally provides a library, which ensures a vast repertoire of books within reach and at a negligible charge.

During the official opening of the Library, Dr. Fonge informed the public that the library is opened particularly for the children. With a solid educational foundation at an early stage such as the nursery and primary, children are prepared for the challenging environment into which they are born. Primary and nursery schools from the neighborhood and beyond visit the library frequently.

The library was set up with a children's section and also contains a few computers, a television with a videocassette recorder, and dozens of tables and chairs. The staff plays Sesame Street videos to attract local children and encourage them to become regular visitors of the library.

Dr Fonge and the library staff teamed up with the local Parent Teacher's Association visited many elementary schools in Cameroon offering incentives such as free pencils or pens for children library.


This project is potentially sustainable in that after its attainment of full capacity, it shall be able to generate income through the proceeds from the sales of books, the registration fees at the library, the use of the library premises for conferences and seminars, and the lucrative use of office equipment to the benefit of the population. The institution also organizes a number of competitions such as drawing, essays, debates etc. that could be of interest to entrepreneurs for purposes of communication, particularly advertising. However, the establishment needs enough subventions, particularly during these initial years, to assure a capital base around which other units revolve.


Books Things – Buea Metropolitan Library has gone through the bottleneck of starting the NGO (non profit). This `bottleneck' describes the accommodation of the bookstores and the library, and the supply of day-to-day office equipment and stationery.

We plan not only to extend our activities nationwide, but also to race alongside the contemporary technological revolution. We consider the provision of electronic hardware to connect to the World Wide Web and establish an electronic library, employ teleconferencing and act as a pivot for inter-university communications. We hope to proceed through the construction of our website thanks to which we shall display our library, sell books, educational multimedia software, audios and videos at our traditional low prices. We also plan to equip our library with as many books by Cameroonian authors as possible.