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PO Box 841725
Pearland, Texas 77584
Tel: 281.451.9640

PO Box 110 Buea
Cameroon, West Africa
Tel: (+237) 243 32 26 48


Libraries have a major role in empowering people through the provision of knowledge, education and information. They have a particular responsibility for groups or individuals in the community who are unable to use regular library services.

The Buea Metropolitan Library provides good reading areas for students. We intend to cooperate with the educational sector to be instrumental in offering children and young people access to books, encouraging them to understand the importance of reading for knowledge and for pleasure. Development of literacy allows people to take advantage of information technology, thus helping to bridge the gap between the "information rich" and the "information poor".

The library educates people on HIV and preventive measures, diabetes screening and high-blood pressure. We also hold educational seminars. As an NGO, we also donate books and help the handicap.

We hope to connect the library to the internet and to the other libraries. We are soliciting support of any kind to make literacy and health awareness a reality in Africa!