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Dr Mike Fotoh Fonge

Dr Mike Fonge was born in Kumba, an English speaking area of Cameroon where he grew up in extreme poverty. In 1977, he came to the United States at age 17 to attend seminary school in North Carolina.

A year later, he moved to Texas and transferred to the University of Houston, where he worked his way through college as a taxi driver.

Dr Fonge is a professor at the Houston Community College and an adjunct professor at University of Houston. His specialty is in sociology. He has under taken studies and research on crime and punishment. He has published a book, Crime and Punishment: in 1997.

He wrote on African Folklore and Proverbs. He had his doctorate in 1989 from the Texas Southern University. He obtained his first degree from the University of Houston in 1980, and masters from Prairie View A&Min 1982. He attended high school at CCAST Bambili in northwest province of the Cameroons. He attended the seminary to be a priest at Bishop Rogan College, Soppo-Buea, and did his secondary school graduation was at the Seat of Wisdom College in Fontem.

When he made a trip back to Cameroon in the late '80s, this time as an educator, he was appalled by the lack of available reading materials. He went to the area's only library ¬at the University of Buea ¬ only to find a meager selection of outdated books.

Several years later on a subsequent visit, he brought a shipment of books with him and distributed them to a few schools and hospitals. The community response was so overwhelming he felt compelled to do more. Fonge set a goal to open a library in the area.

When he returned to the United States, he began soliciting books from anywhere he could. He spent every weekend at garage sales and auctions or driving to bookstores asking for surplus books.

The Half Price Books stores in Clear Lake and the Montrose area became two of Fonge's largest contributors, donating thousands of books on an ongoing basis. Fonge's Africa Project has become a family affair. His wife, Anne, works two jobs to help fund the project. and his children, Susan and John, have spent many hours sorting, labeling and boxing books for shipment.

After transforming the Buea library into an electronic library, he would like to begin placing computers with Internet access in the local schools as well. Dr Fonge is accepting books and donations of all kinds. He is particularly interested in computers that are less than two years old.