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PO Box 841725
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PO Box 110 Buea
Cameroon, West Africa
Tel: (+237) 243 32 26 48

Books 'N Things

The Buea Metropolitan Library is an institutional arm of Books `N Things, a low price bookstore NGO (non profit) which has existed for ten years now. It is situated in Molyko Buea, Cameroon opposite the Buea University Junction. Books 'N Things and Buea Metropolitan Library constitute a company on which the population of Buea depends for the supply of books at relatively low prices. The objective of the establishment is first to stimulate the reading culture amongst the inhabitants of the 25,000 heads-sized town of Buea, and to continue nourishing this generated desire through the constant supply of books at affordable prices. Currently people from all walks of life use the library indiscriminately.